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One of the greatest benefits of joining Realty Executives Edge is the proprietary technology platform designed, created and owned exclusively by Realty Executives International. This tool provides incredible systems for your business which replace third party technology that is much more costly and much less reliable. You will save hundreds of dollars for a package that is branded and customized to fit your business. This system also boasts a team platform for seamlessly marketing and promoting your team. Training is offered locally with small classes that allow for hands-on learning, and internationally with an extensive online education program that allows you to gain full mastery of the tools in the system to build your business with ease.


Too many coaching programs try to squeeze you into a box, and when you don’t fit the mold, you end up feeling burnt out, almost like you didn’t get what you were supposed to out of this, almost feeling like a failure. The fact is, you need the room in this industry to be yourself. That’s why Edge Coaching was created. When you have a clear plan that is custom made around your own skills & strengths, and you stay consistent with that clear plan then you will succeed. When you’re apart of Edge Coaching, you will not only have your clear plan, you will also have the tools & systems to stay consistent, so you can build a predictable business that you genuinely love! It’s a simple but profound principle that’s proven, year after year. When you join you’ll receive (44) training sessions, (12) One-on-One sessions, (1 hour) One-on-One with the instructor, and access to a private Facebook group community.


Having a strong , consistent online presence is key in our market when buyers and sellers are utilizing the internet for their home selling and buying process. This campaign will position you as a leader throughout the industry and as a professional that is serving their clients with excellence. This campaign is designed to be followed and shared with your sphere of influence to continue to build upon why Realty Executives is the best place to be for a Realtor® and why our Executives are the clear choice when searching for a Real Estate agent.


Our contract training opportunities are open to everyone at Realty Executives Edge. Whether you are a veteran in the business looking to sharpen your best practices or new to the industry and hoping to go deeper in your contracts knowledge, these sessions are just for you. Expect an interactive learning format, led by hand selected professionals, using real-life transaction scenarios which will strengthen your industry knowledge. The ‘Contracts Training’ includes two sessions.


Our Executive Launch consists of two sessions, which will leave you ready to begin growing your business to the Executive level. One session is devoted to designing a business plan, which is integral to your success. In this business planning session you will set the groundwork for your success, as well as become prepared for additional training modules, and world-class mentoring available to you. In the second session, ‘Systems and Tools’, you will learn all about the many unique systems and tools Realty Executives provides for your business, and get set-up for additional training programs which will help you master these tools.


No matter if you are new to the business, or a long-term veteran of real estate, we have a Mastermind Group for you! Meeting on a regular basis, and convenient to each of our office locations, our Mastermind Groups are designed to serve our Executives well, to create camaraderie and help take your business to new heights. The small group setting enhances conversation, allows for questions, and provides an environment ideal for personal and professional development.


Our larger monthly training modules provide an opportunity for all of our Executives to come together and learn from the experts as they share their best ideas which have helped them propel their careers. The high level training that you received in this larger group setting is similar to real estate seminars you would pay a considerable amount of money to attend. The difference here is our training experts volunteer their time so there is NO COST to you. One of our trademarks at Realty Executives Edge is the willingness of experienced veterans to share their knowledge, and work with newer agents to help them find their stride as well as share what they know with fellow Executives. These training modules run in the Spring and Fall and are held centrally in the training center of our Guelph Office.


We have a team of Certified Marketing Executives (CME’s) that work together to bring you a full service Marketing Department. Your office CME is one of the most important individuals in your support staff. Our CME’s are there to enhance your business through various mediums, including advertising, systems training, and your office orientation. Your office CME is there to enrich your business and serve your success.

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